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Information about this Church or Chapel
Locality in Gozo Santa Lucija
Status Church
Year Built 1575
Dedication St Lucy (Santa Lucija )
Feast date 13th December

Santa Lucija, a typical hamlet past the village of ta’ Kercem, is named after the dedication of an old chapel of Saint Lucy, recorded as early as 1575.

Santa Lucija church, first recorded in 1575, was rebuilt from its foundations in the 1790s, but it was last enlarged in 1950. The saint, invoked by those who have problems with their eyesight, has many devotees who flock to the church on 13 December, the feastday. The village square is dominated with a typical stone cross in its centre.

Santa Lucija 01 Front
Santa Lucija 02 Front2
Santa Lucija 03 Front3
Santa Lucija 04 Bell Tower
Santa Lucija 05 Door
Santa Lucija 06 Painting Outside
Santa Lucija 07 Altar
Santa Lucija 08 Statue

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