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Information about this Church or Chapel
Locality in Gozo Sannat
Status Parish church
Year Built 1718
Dedication St Margaret (Santa Margerita)
Feast date 4th Sunday in July

Sannat, or more precisely ta’ Sannat, lies to the south of the island. The name is probably derived from that of an Arabic-Greek family that moved to Gozo from Sicily.

Ta' Sannat was one of the first places in Gozo to become a separate parish. The parish was established by Davide Cocco-Palmeri on 28 April 1688. The building of the present parish church dedicated to St Margaret Martyr was begun on the site of a smaller church in 1718, but it underwent several structural changes in the 1860s. The present church was initiated on the site of a smaller one in 1718 and was consecrated on 16 October 1755. However, after the significant structural changes, it was consecrated again on 22 November 1868. It was raised to the Archipresbyteral status on 27 December 1893. The church has a very good altarpiece by Stefano Erardi, a famed local painter.

Sannat 01 View
Sannat 02 Front
Sannat 03 Tower Dome
Sannat 04 Door
Sannat 05 Emblem
Sannat 06 Old Statues
Sannat 07 Statue Outside 1
Sannat 08 Statue Outside 2

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