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Information about this Church or Chapel
Locality in Gozo Kercem
Status Parish church
Year Built 1846-1851 (established as parish church 10 March 1885)
Dedication St Gregory (San Girgor) & Blessed Virgin Mary of Succour (Madonna tas-Sokkors)
Feast date 2nd Sunday in March & 2nd Sunday in July

Kercem, or more precisely ta’ Kercem, is the village closest to Rabat and its name is most probably derived from that of a family living in the area in the fifteenth century.

Kercem was once very well-known for a traditional procession that every 12 March, feast of Pope St Gregory the Great, used to wend its way from the Cathedral to an old church of Saint Gregory and, later on, to the parish church of the village. Gozitan bridegrooms used to promise their brides before marriage that they would take them to this procession every year.

The village church was built between 1846 and 1851. It foundation stone was laid at the end of the procession on the feast of Saint Gregory on 12 march 1846. It was consecrated on 22 October 1912. The village was established a parish church during the bishopric of Bishop Pietro Pace on 10 March 1885.

Kercem 01 View
Kercem 02 Front
Kercem 03 Dome
Kercem 04 Towers Statue Closeup
Kercem 05 Bell
Kercem 06 Statue SanGirgor Outside Closeup
Kercem 07 Interior
Kercem 08 Statue SanGirgor

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