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Information about this Church or Chapel
Locality in Gozo Dwejra
Status Chapel
Year Built 1963
Dedication St Anne (Santa Anna)
Feast date 26th of July

The chapel at Dwejra was to last to be built in the countryside in Gozo. It was designed by Joseph Mizzi from San Lawrenz and cost Lm1,350. The chapel was blessed on 25th July 1963.

The facade is articulated by a reinforced concrete cantilever carrying a cross that rests on two coloumns and provides a covered entrance. It is crowned by a centrally placed bell-cot. The modern style is also evident in the interior of the chapel which consists of a rectangular room with a flat textured roof. Recesses are used to articulate the walls internally and externally. The main altar piece depicts the young Virgin Mary being instructed by her mother St. Anne. This was painted by Ninu Apap in 1989. A statue of St. Anne sculpted by Michael Camilleri Cauchi in 1982 also adorns the chapel.

Dwejra 01 View
Dwejra 02 View2
Dwejra 03 Front
Dwejra 04 Altar
Dwejra 05 Statue StAnna
Dwejra 06 StAnna Painting
Dwejra 07 Painting1
Dwejra 08 Painting2

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