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Information about this Church or Chapel
Locality in Gozo Comino
Status Chapel
Year Built 1618
Dedication Return of the Blessed Virgin Mary from Egypt
Feast date 24th of July
The Santa Marija Chapel of Comino, first recorded in a mid-thirteenth century navigational map, is situated in a bay that bears its name. The chapel was built in 1618, at the same time of the building of the Santa Marija Tower, and enlarged in 1667 and again in 1716. That year the few farmers living on the island dedicated the chapel to a joyful moment of the Virgin Mary's life, Her Return from Egypt. However both the Chapel and the bay continued to be called by its former dedication: ta' Santa Marija.

Comino 01 RearView
Comino 02 View
Comino 03 Front
Comino 04 Bells
Comino 05 Altar
Comino 06 Statue
Comino 07 Statue2
Comino 08 Statue3

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