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This website illustrates almost all the churches and chapels found on the second largest island of the Maltese Archipelago called Gozo (Ghawdex in Maltese). In each village and town in Gozo, there is the main Parish church, usually found at the centre. Additionally, there are a number of smaller churches and chapels scattered along the suburbs and non-urban areas, which where used by farmers, pheasants and habitants who lived away from the parish church. When centuries ago, transport was very limited, it was more convenient to hear mass or visit the church for prayers in nearby chapels. Unfortunately, in nowadays modern life, several of these chapels are not further used, and they are being emptied, used as stores or left in abandon.


About 400 images of Gozitan churches or chapels are displayed in an web-album which is easy to navigate and control. Each chapel or church is illustrated by a set of 8, medium-sized images per album-page. Clicking on this image gives the corresponding large-sized photo. One can click on the right or left side of the large photos to view the next or previous large image in the sequence. There is also a slide-show feature where images are displayed one after the other automatically. To get more help about the buttons available, simply roll the mouse over them and wait for the pop-up help bubble. To make navigation easier. you can jump to a locality using the list at the left hand side.

Apart from the photos, there is more information for every chapel or church on its corresponding page. The information is obtained from reliable sources such as official village websites, local councils or travel sites about Gozo. However if you take information directly from this website please reference it in your work, project, website using the following citation:

" by Malin Mifsud, Malta"

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to include extra information of your own about a particular church/chapel, and also if there is some corrections to make on the existing data. There also a few chapels not yet listed and we would like your help to find them. There is also one chapel in Rabat that we could not find any info about it. (not far away from Arcadia complex, Rabat). Finally, your feedback is always welcomed

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