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Information about this Church or Chapel
Locality in Gozo Rabat
Status Church
Year Built 1492
Dedication St Francis (San Frangisk)
Feast date 8th December
The Friary of St . Francis was established at the outskirts of Victoria by Fr. Jacob de Leo Provincial Minister of the Sicilian Province in 1492. The friars were then enthrusted with the Chapel of St Mark in "contrada San Giacomo" by the bishop of Malta Mgr. Paolo de la Cavaleria. A cemetery for noble people existed in front of the same chapel and a cross made of stone marked the boundary of the said cemetery. The friars dwelt in some big caves that existed along the falls of the compound. In 1535 the titular of the chapel was changed to that of St. Francis. A wooden statue of St. Isidore which dates back to 1680 still exists today. This was originally gilded in gold but it was painted over in order not to attract the attentions of the invading French. In 1663 a Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady was founded in the church to help in the organization of the feast and in 1698 a wooden statue of Our Lady representing the Immaculate Conception was used in a procession. The feast is still celebrated on the 8th of December.

Rabat St Francis 01 View
Rabat St Francis 02 View Side
Rabat St Francis 03 Front
Rabat St Francis 04 Door
Rabat St Francis 05 Front Closeup
Rabat St Francis 06 Statue Outside
Rabat St Francis 07 Altar
Rabat St Francis 08 Small Altar

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