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Information about this Church or Chapel
Locality in Gozo Xaghra
Status Church
Year Built 1903
Dedication Jesus of Nazareth (in-Nazzarenu)
Feast date n/a

Over one hundred years ago in Xaghra, the need was felt to build a moderately big church to cater for the needs of the townsfolk living on the eastern flank of Xaghra. This led to the laying of the foundation stone of a new church in the area known as Ta’ Gnien Xibla. On the afternoon of 20th September 1903, H.L. Bishop Giovanni M Camilleri O.S.A. went to Xaghra and laid the foundation stone of a new church during a solemn ceremony. The church was to be dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth and from then onwards the area came to be known as ‘In-Nazzarenu’.


Xaghra In-Nazzarenu 01 Front
Xaghra In-Nazzarenu 02 Front2
Xaghra In-Nazzarenu 03 Front Closeup
Xaghra In-Nazzarenu 04 Door
Xaghra In-Nazzarenu 05 CoatOfArms
Xaghra In-Nazzarenu 06 Statue Outside
Xaghra In-Nazzarenu 07 Statue Outside2
Xaghra In-Nazzarenu 08 Statue Outside3

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