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Information about this Church or Chapel
Locality in Gozo Wied Ghasri
Status Chapel
Year Built 1738
Dedication Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary (tal-Patrocinju)
Feast date 2nd Sunday of October
This chapel is situated in Għasri ,on the way to Wied il-Għasri (Ghasri Valley). it is dedicated to The Patronage of the Virgin Mary and the feast is celebrated on the second Sunday of October. The building of this chapel dates back to 1738 and it soon attracted devotees from all over the island. In fact it was rebuilt on a larger scale in 1754. It was consecrated on 10th May 1789 thus becoming the first and only consecrated countryside chapel for 161 years. It served as a vice-parish church for Għasri Village from October 1872 till December 1921. The altarpiece is attributed to Francesco Zahra and shows the Virgin Mary surrounded by angels while a person is being protected from Satan under her mantle.

Wied Ghasri chapel 01 Front
Wied Ghasri chapel 02 FrontSide
Wied Ghasri chapel 03 Door
Wied Ghasri chapel 04 Bell
Wied Ghasri chapel 05 FrontCloseup
Wied Ghasri chapel 06 Interior
Wied Ghasri chapel 07 Altar
Wied Ghasri chapel 08 AltarCloseup

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