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Information about this Church or Chapel
Locality in Gozo Ghajnsielem
Status Church
Year Built 1810-1820
Dedication Blessed Virgin Mary of Loreto (Madonna ta' Loreto)
Feast date Last Sunday in August

On the square Pjazza tad-Dehra in the very centre of Ghajnsielem there is a monument honouring Anglu Grech, a farmer who lived in the vicinity and who, according to tradition, had a vision from the Blessed Virgin Mary requesting him to build a church.

A church in honour of Our Lady of Loreto was built between 1810 and 1820 by the archpriest of Nadur Sapiano and it still stands. It became a parish church during the bishopric of Publius Maria Sant on 26 January 1855, but nowadays it is not a parish church anymore.

The building of the old church boasts a titular painting of our Lady of Loreto by the famous artist Michele Bussutil and no less then four masterpieces by the celebrated painter Guiseppe Cali. In 1866 the titular statue of our Lady of Loreto was brought to Ghajnsielem from Marseilles in France, after being commissioned by the villagers as thanksgiving for their escape from the plague which ravaged Malta in 1865.

Ghajnsielem Old 01 Front
Ghajnsielem Old 02 Front Closeup
Ghajnsielem Old 03 Altar
Ghajnsielem Old 04 Statue1
Ghajnsielem Old 05 Statue2
Ghajnsielem Old 06 Statue3
Ghajnsielem Old 07 Statue4
Ghajnsielem Old 08 Statue5

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